Whatever you wish for, Wish Genie can help make it come true!

Choose any gift from anywhere - either from Wish Genie's huge online store or anything else your heart desires. You can upload a picture, set the amount you need and write a message explaining your wish and what it means to you. You then select the friends on your different social networks you want to send the wish to, and Wish Genie will send them a message on your behalf, explaining the wish and how they can contribute. You can send reminders, updates about how the wish is going and what you'll do when you get it. Once your friends have contributed enough to grant your wish, you can simply transfer the funds to your PayPal account and purchase it, or if you selected your wish from the Wish Genie store, pay direct online, and before you know it, your wish will be in your hands!

Received a message from Wish Genie about something your friend has wished for?

There are many ways to contribute, and you can chip in as much or as little as you like. You can contribute via EFT, credit card, debit card, PayPal and mobile payments. You'll be able to see how close your friend is to getting their wish, and when they've got it, there's a gallery where they can upload pictures of them enjoying their wish for you to see.

Is there someone special you'd like to make a fuss of? It's easy with Wish Genie!

You don't have to wait for them to make a wish, you can simply choose any gift from the Wish Genie store, make a quick payment using one of our easy options and Wish Genie will let the recipient know straight away. They enter their delivery details and your kind gesture will be there in no time! The Wish Genie store has loads of great deals every day on all kinds of gifts, and we have plenty of suggestions for all kinds of people.


Wish Genie working with charities.

The viral nature of Wish Genie means important causes can be shared across multiple social networks. Everyone who contributes will be invited to share this across their social media accounts, broadcasting your message far beyond traditional reach. You can find out more about how Wish Genie can help with your fundraising efforts by talking to us

Stocking your products in the Wish Genie store means consumers the world over can see your products, as well as recommendations and Wish Genie users enjoying your products. You can create special offers for users and repeat customers as well as package deals and trial promotions. We also offer cost-effective advertising and marketing options to help you make the most out of Wish Genie. You can find out more about offering your products and services to customers the world over by talking to us