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Wish Genie is a platform that enables individuals and communities to enrich their lives and the lives of those around them, utilising the power of microfinance and social media.

Wish Genie encourages users to discover a world of wishing and giving, whether making a wish, sending a gift or setting challenges for themselves and their friends. With Wish Genie we hope you can learn to give as good as you get.

We have partnered together to create an accessible, user-friendly platform that anyone can use to get help to achieve their goals. The natural environment for this is social media, where individuals and groups can extend their reach to their friends' networks and beyond.

Wish Genie is nearly ready to launch. As we put the finishing touches on the final product, please have a look around this site to find out more about this revolutionary platform. If you would like to know more, please sign up for updates or get in touch.


Wish Genie will enable individuals, groups, charities and retailers the world over to harness the power of online social networks to make their wishes come true.

As Wish Genie grows to incorporate community projects, group challenges and even microfinance, it will become an indispensible part of the way we acheive our goals, contribute to good causes and buy and share goods and services.

We want to become the global number one platform for online gifting and fundraising, and indispensible to anyone with a wish that needs granting.

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Making a wish is easy and so is letting all your friends know about it!

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grant a wish

Using the power of social networks, it's easy for wishes to come true!

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send a gift

If you'd like to send that special person a gift, you can do that too!

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